May 14, 2006

Help the poor, abolish the Welfare State

A very good post on the Welfare State by A Very British Dude showing up the perverse incentives that it brings due to being based on the doctrine of 'to each according to his need'. He then gives an example of housing where the unfairness created by the creed of 'to each according to his need' comes sharply into focus.
In housing the situation where the more catastrophically you mess your life up, the higher up the housing list you go should be seen as the perverse incentive it is. It is also manifestly unfair to the hard working families who are pushed aside, creating a sense of indignation amongst the people who are trying to better themselves, often in desperate circumstances who see people with no personal responsibility jumping ahead of them in the queue for adequate housing.
The Welfare State is hugely expensive way of trapping people into lives so much less than their potential:
In 2001, the police and Judiciary cost £20 billion, defence £25 Billion, Education £44 billion, health £53 billion. Social Security cost a staggering £101 billion - and the grasping presbyterian bastard in no.11 has subsequently increased welfare spending.

this was 11% of GDP and something like 40% of government managed expenditure.
Or to put it another way, at the start of the twentieth century the government ate roughly 10% of UK GDP in total, and had the largest fleet in the world. Larger than the next two put together. Today social security alone eats 11% of GDP, and our fleet is barely strong enough to defend the home islands. And for this enforced generosity what do we get?
after 3 generations of welfare, there is a section of society - the underclass - who have never worked, know no-one who works and more than likely will never work.


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